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Past Open Sky Festivals

OSF 2011: Confluence AOSF 2011 logortists: Patsy Krutko, Mary Neyelle, Charissa Alain-Lilly, Berna Matto, Darcy E. Moses, D'Arcy J. Moses, Tracy Brown, Lucy Simon, Valerie Conrad, Elizabeth Hardisty, George Lessard, Alison McCreesh, Patrice Tremblay, Linda Duford, Steve deBruyn, Dianne Nelson, Helen Kotchea & Diane Boudreau. Performers: Mary Caroline & Pike Mike, Borderless Art Movement, Randy Sibbeston, Tina Roy, Somewhere Something Band, Kiwi North & Fort Simpson Fiddlers, Sledge Hamster & Linda Duford. Special Projects: Week-Long Collaborative Skateboard Art Installation Build with Steve deBruyn. Festival Coordinator: Ryan Good, Lynn Canney (assistant coordinator)


osfxOSFX 2010: Milestones  Artists: Marion Storm, John Sabourin, Jennifer Walden, Monique Robert, Diane Boudreau, Louisa Moreau, Kathy Mouse, Elizabeth Mouse, Mary Ann Bertrum,Tonya Makletzoff, Michael Cazon,Phoebe Punch, Shari Burnstad, George Lessard, Ruby Nadli, Rose Mary Minoza, Dorothy Minoza, Elizabeth Hardisty, Jane Grosstete, Allison McCreesh, Patrice Trembley, Sandra Edda, the Randy Sibbeston Band, Pat Braden, Diga Wolf, Jasmine Netsena, DJ EW, Linda Duford, Sledge Hamster, Lucy Simon, David Bourke, Brandon Ashcroft, Marcel Cholo, Mary Nayelle, Crystal Jones, Brendalynn Trennert, Mark Overland, Helen Edgar, Fort Simpson Fiddlers, Nicole Bosworth, Kiwi North & Charles Blyth. Special Projects: • Fort Simpson Arts Walk (June 21st - August 31st) • A duo visual arts exhibition– Milestones, featuring work by national/local guest artists (John Sabourin & Marion Storm) • A series of pre-festival workshops hosted by Shari Burnstad (quilting), John Sabourin (carving), Kathy Mouse (moose hide tanning) Festival Coordinator: Tracy Kovalench & Joseph Purcell (assistant coordinator).


OSF 2009: Kue – Home Artists: Angela Edmonds, Brother-in-Law Band, Christiane Jaillet, Diane Boudreau, Deb Stipdonk, Eric Gargan, Franzesca Ulbricht, Frozen Eyes Photographic Society, Georgina Fabien, Jim Green, Karen Gelderman, Kelvin Redvers, Leanne Goose, Margaret Jumbo, Norma Jumbo, Ozgur Oner, Pheobe Punch, Rebecca Garrett, Winnipeg Film Pool. Special Projects: • A group exhibition at the new OSC Galley titled Kue – Home, featuring work by national guest artists (Ozgur Oner & Angela Edmonds) • A series of pre-festival animation workshops hosted by Angela Edmonds • A youth workshop series hosted by Frozen Eyes Photographic Society (including Ozgur Oner). • Leanne Goose ran a 2-day workshop & recording session. Festival Coordinators: Michael Blyth, David Magarey & Tracy Kovalench (assistant coordinator).


TuftingOSF 2008: Craftwork-Craftsmanship: Process as Ritual 
Artists: Anna Torma, Alan Lacovetsky, Lucy Simon, Phoebe Punch, Diane Gonthier, Lyn Fabio, Julia Tsetso, Leanne Goose, David Saint Germaine, Skeena Reese, Diane Boudreau, The Brother in Law Band, Root Sellers, Mary Caroline Cox, Lloyd Thrasher, William Blyth, Lindsay ‘Kiwi’ Waugh, Dinah Andersen, Richard Van Camp, Western Arctic Motion Pictures (WAMP), Kole Crook Fiddlers, Lee Mandeville, Shona Barbour, Mary Nayelle, Carrie-Lyn Jumbo, Tracy Brown, Kathy Legge, Brenda Allaire, George Horassi, Louisa Moreau, Wesley Hardisty, Colleen Canney, Elizabeth Hardisty, Dehcho Drummers
Special Projects:• A group exhibition at the new OSC Galley titled Crafttwork-Craftsmanship: Process as Ritual featuring work by a group of national guest artists (Anna Torma, Alan Lacovetsky, Lyn Fabio, Diane Gonthier) as well as regional artists (Julia Tsetso, Lucy Simon, Pheobe Punch). • A series of pre-festival workshops hosted by the guest artists featured in the Craftwork-Craftsmanship exhibition • The Open Sky Creative Society acted as the lead organizing partner for the National Aboriginal Arts Administrators & Funders Gathering 2008 which was held in Fort Simpson in Conjunction with the festival. The gathering saw approximately 45 delegates from around the country in Fort Simpson. • Leanne Goose & David Saint Germaine were is the community to run a several day music business & song writing workshop for the benefit of aspiring musicians in Fort Simpson. Festival Coordinators: Michael Blyth & Lynn Canney. photo by Chuck Blyth

OSF 2007: Storytelling: Celebrating the Past to Shed Light into the Future 
      Artists: John Sabourin, Julia Tsetso, Martin Goodliffe, Tracy Brown, Pheobe Punch, Ryan Good, Diane Boudreau, Lucy Simon, Linda Duford, Calvin Cairns, Simon Moccasin, Sharon Shorty, Richard Van Camp, Kathy Mouse, Tonya Makletzoff-Cazon, Marie Horassi, Elizabeth Hardisty, Melaw Antoine, Mary Louise Norwegian, Brenda Allaire, Brother in Law Band, Roberta Kennedy, Pat Braden, Chris Powell, Duane Makie Band, Mispon (video shorts  compilation), Charles Blyth, Fort Simpson Youth Fiddlers, Lindsay ‘Kiwi’ Waugh, Dehcho Drummers, Jim Green  Special Projects: • A group of storytellers from various provinces & territories were hosted in the community for a series of pre-festival workshops & performances (Sharon Shorty, Roberta Kennedy, Simon Moccasin, Jim Green, Richard Van Camp, & Pat Braden). Festival Coordinators: Michael Blyth & Lynn Canney 


 Nahanni painting

OSF 2006: Nah a Dehe 
      Artists: Leslie Leong, J. David Andrews, Bill Hosford, Charles Blyth, Michael Blyth, Steve Ruskay, Julia Tsetso, Tracy Kovalench, Richard Stark, Tonya Makletzoff, Renelta Bourque, Anyes Fabre-Dimsdale, Crazy Legs Contemporary Dance (K. Philpot & K. Johnson), Don Gillis, Linda Duford, Martin Goodliffe, Diane Boudreau, The Jared Sowan Project, Steven Kakfwi, Lindsay ‘kiwi’ Waugh, Rob Mannuel, Jennifer Mcleod, Dana Cross, Duane Makie, Aron ‘Godson’ Hernandez, Karen Gelderman, Johnny Farcy, John Sabourin, Lucy Simon, Lewis Beck, Rick Polterick, Cathleen Philips, Margaret Bouvier, Christine Morgan, Brendalyn Trennert, Kathy Mouse, Mary Nayelle, A. Bouvier  Special Projects: A visual arts exhibition featuring works from the Nah a Dehe Artist Project
(view website). Participating artists were from across the NWT & Canada. Festival Coordinators: Simone Hanos, Tiffany Pedersen, & Melaw Antoine. painting by Chuck Blyth

OSF 2005: Year of the Moose 
Artists: Elizabeth Mouse, Mary Nayelle, Adele Hardisty, Julia Tsetso, Leslie Leong, Tonya Makletzoff, Bompas Elementary School (earth day quilt), Jodi Lee Thompson, Darren Gargan, Frank Fabien & Jimmy Hope, Fort Simpson Youth Fiddlers, Lindsay ‘kiwi’ Waugh, Marion Storm, Floyd Grossette, Georgina Fabien, Dehcho Drummers, Chilgirchin  Special Projects:• Performances by the Tuvan Throat Singing Group Chilgirchin. • The Community Canvas Project facilitated by Yellowknife artist Diane Boudreau. The canvas project resulted in the painting of a large scale canvas mural that fit over top of a tipi frame. Festival Coordinators: Tracy Kovalench & Michael Blyth.


OSF 2004: When the Smoke Clears  Artists: Suzanne Evaloardjuk, Margaret Nazon, Eleanor Millard, Stuck-in-a-Snowbank Theatre Company, Michael Cazon, Garald Antoine, Diane Boudreau, John Sabourin, Louisa Moreau, Georgina Fabien, Karen Kotchea, Elizabeth Hardisty, Ron Breadmore, Don Gillis (AKA Lex Carver), Wendy Whitemore, Tonya Makletzoff, Cindy Edda, Juby Jumbo, Corrine Modeste, Mary Louise Norwegian, Tony Lewis, Charles Blyth, Michael Blyth, Tracy Kovalench, Randy Sibbeston, Mel Sabourin, Leela Gilday, Pat Braden, Linda Duford, The Johnny’s, Seismic Burger, Frank Fabien, Charlie Hardisty, Keaton Roy, Lewis Beck & the Wrigley Youth Fiddlers, Karen Wright-Fraser, Gail Cyr Special Projects:When the Smoke Clears national guest multi-disciplinary exhibition & pre-festival workshops (Suzanne Evaloardjuk - Iqaluit, NU / Eleanor Millard – Carcross, YT / Margaret Nazon – Inuvik, NT)  Festival Coordinators: Michael Blyth & Tracy Kovalench.

OSF 2003: Beads, Bannock, & Boogie
 Artists: Martine Kotchea, Karen Kotchea, Elizabeth Hardisty, Georgina Fabien, Luoisa Moreau, Dene Fur Clouds, John Sabourin, Rene Bonnet, Western Arctic Motion Pictures (WAMP), Tonya Makletzoff, Odette Laramee, Tracy Kovalench, Leslie Leong, Yetta Finburg, Sean O’hare, Deanna Warne, Charlie Hardisty, Lee Mandeville, Randy Sibeston, Northern Skies, Lewis Beck Fiddle Posse, Secret Society, JBT Jiggers, Laura Pitkanen & Michael Blyth, JBT Jiggers, Dehcho Drummers  Special Projects: Giant Puppet Project facilitated by Odette Laramee. The project was a multi-facitid project spanning over several weeks involving many members of the community. Final results included a video project (Larger than Life) as well as a theatre presentation performed by community members, featuring Giant Puppets constructed over the duration of the project by community members. Festival Coordinators: Michael Blyth, Tonya Makletzoff, Tracy Kovalench.


 Giant Puppets
 OSF 2002: Where Cultures Meet 
      Artists: Deanna Warne, Wiskey Dicks, Leela Gilday Ekuinox, Kiwi North, Stanley Beaulieu, Andrea Hansen, Youth Fiddlers, George Tuccaro, John Tees, Mother Divine, Terrance Nahanni, Fort Resolution Breakdancers, Leo Norwegian, Anette Loe, Lisa Seagrave, Doreen Stanley, Randy Sibbeston, John Rombough, Robert Postma, Sandra Edda, Brenda Deneyoua, Charles Blyth, Sarah Hardisty, Hilda Tsetso, Diane Boudreau, Josiane Loiselle-Boudreau, Danny Allaire, Michael Pellisey, Elsie Marcellais, Elizabeth Hardisty, Charlie Hardisty, Jane Grossetette, Raymond Sonfrere, Lucy Simon, Pheobe Punch, Tulita Dreamcatchers, Vanashing Breed, Wrigley Strings. Festival Coordinators: Tonya Makletzoff & Eliza-Jane Lafferty. photo by Tracy Kovalench

OSF 2001: Open Sky Festival 
  Artists: John Sabourin, Sandra Edda, Marilyn Lomen, Norma Jumbo, Sarah Hardisty, Charles Blyth, Francine Green, Johnny Landry Band, Jimmy Y Breakdancers. Festival Coordinator: Tonya Makletzoff  


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