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Open Sky Festival Volunteers

Volunteers sit on the board of directors, fundraise, as well as bring programming to life for the organization. The festival is no exception. The Open Sky Festival is made possible by the valuable contribution made by community members as well as guests visiting from all over the country & beyond. OSF Volunteers
      Volunteers who contribute 4 hours or more time to the festival will receive an OSF t-Shirt as well as admission into the annual Saturday Night Fundraising Concert Dance. For each hour of volunteering a volunteers name will be put into a draw for additional volunteer appreciation prizes. To volunteer for the Open Sky Festival 2012 please contact the OSCS.

Open Sky Creative Society Board of Directors (2010-11)
President: Michael Blyth
Vice President: Tonya Makletzoff
Past President: Charles Blyth
Treasurer: Rock Matte
Directors at Large: Roxanne Thompson, Aaron McNabb, Lindsay Waugh, Nina Squires
Community Reps: Lucy Simon (JMR), Karen Gelderman (Hay River), D'Arcy J. Moses (Wrigley)

Open Sky Festival Volunteers (2011):
Kellie Myers, Martina Norwegian, Madison Kaylo, Amanda Ocko, William Blyth, Freda Blyth, Courtney Waugh, Brendan Tsetso, Steven Boutillier, Kristen Tanche, Chastity Isaiah, Jermaine Gargan, Emily McInnis-Wharton, Darcy Acker, Jennifer Wharton, Denis Legere, Ashley Okrainec, Valerie Nahanni, Christie Horesay, Erin Wyatt, Ken Lambert, Carsen Hardisty, Justin Dalton, Jarret Hardisty, Renee Lamothe Jr, Vanessa Gerlock, Sydney Nahanni-Kwasney, Mike Canney, Diane Nelson, Ken Nowoselski, Tonya Klassen, Brenda Burrill, Courtney Tsetso, Lisa Thurber Tsetso, Hilda Gerlock, Renalyn Pascua-Matte, Pat Waugh, Kathy Tsetso, Dahti Tsetso, Lori Ozmun, Rebecca Rowe, Allyson Skinner, Leona Kraus, Tracy Brown, Lisa Lafferty & Chris Hewitt


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